About Allegiance First Insurance

At Allegiance First Insurance we want to make a difference. As a full service agency, we offer all lines of insurance such as Auto, Home, Commercial, Renters, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicles, Small Business, Life, Term Life, Annuities, Indexed Universal Life and Long Term Care plus more.

With 20 years in the insurance industry, we have been helping families get the insurance education they need to make better informed decisions for their protection and future. Our objective is to build long term relationships so you know you are not alone and have a licensed professional when major life events or changes happen. We know that proper coverage can change lives.

Our service and approach is to offer a complete portfolio review, which allows us to understand all of your needs, risks and goals. This strategy is paramount in finding the right combination of products and policies that will provide proper protection in the event of unforeseen catastrophe or loss. Peace of mind is of great value when you know everything you have and own; your home, your family, your business, your life and lifestyle are clearly safeguarded.

We work with top A rated insurance companies, and that means YOU have the POWER OF CHOICE. Our focus is to match the best the insurance industry has to offer while keeping premiums down for our clients.

We also spend the time teaching on insurance and financial concepts because everyone should have access to the knowledge and ability to save, protect and grow their money for their lifetime.

Many people today are unprepared and exposed to great risk. The loss of a spouse who is a major income earner, the possibility of outliving your retirement income, being subjected to paying huge tax liabilities at your retirement age or becoming prematurely disabled; all of which could derail your future goals and cost you the life you’ve built, are all fears that we can help remove.

I urge you to reach out and complete your complimentary portfolio review with one of our agents and start securing your future financial independence. Proper guidance by a licensed professional could mean a difference of this- if you died today, would your family be able to live at a better, same, or worse lifestyle than they have now?